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Virus and Malware Cleanup

Virus Removal and Malware Cleanup

Is your device getting stuck every now and then?

Does your system is popping up with unknown messages and errors?

Are you having trouble accessing your data?

Are there any unknown files on your desktop?

If yes, you have a virus to deal with in your PC or Laptop.

Footprint I.T values your system and the data that you have. Our experts will make sure that we do whatever possible to ensure that your data is not lost or is recovered effectively. Virus or Spyware can infect your system badly but our exports will employ tools that will make sure your data is not abused or you get your system back. We offer you to get your device to our place. With proper inspection, our team will suggest the interventions which could be made to carry out the virus removal. Send us your quote or visit our place with your device to ensure that your device is recovered from the virus. We also ensure that your system has an active Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware software installed on your computer to prevent further virus attacks.

Why Virus attacks are common and how the symptoms prevail?

  • Clicking on an infected website or inserting a virus-infected USB r flash could slow down the system
  • Random apps and programs are installed in the system
  • Email attachments and virus-infected extensions could attack your data
  • Anti-virus program stops working
  • Booting and troubleshooting of Windows is not possible
  • There is the appearance of random Pop-ups and ads which cannot be stopped since they are a virus
  • Inability to install any new software especially the anti-virus programs
  • Operating systems start shutting down and restarting
  • Errors in Computer Memory and random loss of data from the system
  • Screen freezing with messages from the hackers asking payment


What do we offer?

We at Footprint I.T offer the following services in order to carry out the virus removal. We make suggestions to our customers so that they can choose the options which work best for them. The suggestions of services include:

  • Security services of the hardware and software
  • Carrying out of the Penetration testing and reporting to ensure better security of data
  • Carry out the security auditing and advisory services for your system
  • Our experts will carry out the Network monitoring and protectionist measures for system security
  • We offer the Virus, Spyware, and Hacker prevention and removal services by installing anti-virus softwares



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