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FootPrint IT take pride in building and upgrading high quality custom computers and laptops for professionals and gamers who demand top performance, reliability and professional technical support. Our custom computers are built with the best parts available, we make sure every configuration is well balanced and does not have weak spots. We constantly upgrade configurations and add new hardware to achieve best customization possible. At FootPrint IT we know that high quality gaming computer can make all the difference between victory and defeat in the hands of a professional gamer. At the same time we deliver top reliability and speed for professionals of all fields.

Footprint IT will provide you with a personalised computer to suit your life style. Whether you want your machine placed on top of your desk, underneath your desk, on the floor beside your desk or in a drawer next to your desk, we can put together a machine to suit all of your needs. The cost of your personalised computer is solely determined by what you desire; with a general starting price of about $800 for a basic machine that is appropriate for use in both the home and office.

So why not call us today on 0450 567 430? You will speak to a genuine, ambitious and hard working person.