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Remote Support

Remote Support

Are you having trouble accessing your desktop remotely?

If yes, we at Footprint I.T ensure that you get all your PCs accessed remotely and if there is any issue, we can sort it out remotely as well.

Remote desktop support is not something that is new to the corporate world. With remote desktop support, companies can easily access their systems from far and wide. People who work a lot need remote desktop support in order to work remotely as well. At Footprint I.T, we strive to ensure that we provide remote support in the most efficient and effective manner. With our experts, we try to solve the software issues in your system remotely as well.

What do we do?

A remotely operated system can come up with a lot of issues in its software and hardware. With Footprint I.T, we offer a complete package to people where they can get their hardware and software problems resolved in the most effective manner. The major issues which are resolved in the remote desktop support are: 

  • Issues in the Software including slowing down of the systems of the remote PCs, stabilization of the network for the connection of remote systems
  • Issues in the Email and internet connectivity
  • Virus and spyware removal in case of a virus attack
  • Configuration issues in the Software, Device, and Hardware of the systems operated remotely
  • Software Upgrades and installations for effective remote support

Our aim has been to provide all the support while working remotely. We will set up the entire configuration of the desktops while we will have our expert professionals to provide the remote support. We will set up the support services to ensure that all the systems are connected and integrated in the best manner.


Systems we support:

We offer great support for the Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, Windows APP and Blackberry systems by installing TeamViewer for remotely controlling your system. With our experts, we make sure that remote support is effectively provided 24/7 for business and individual users. With our remote support, we make sure that the issues in your systems are effectively resolved and even prevented by the support staff by effective services.

Get in touch with us or leave us your quote. We will get in touch with you soon. In case if there is an emergency, make a visit to our place. We will be eager to solve your remote desktop support services and issues.

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