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Laptop Repairs Brisbane

Laptop Repairs Brisbane

Having hard drive issues with your laptop or a broken LED is stopping you to enjoy a good movie on your laptop? If yes, get in touch with us to get your laptop repaired and sorted in the best manner.


Footprint I.T understands the needs of the laptop that they do need frequent up gradations and repairs over the passage of time. If your system is slowing down or is giving any sort of noises or you have cracked your LED screen, we offer a complete package to ensure that your laptop is repaired inside out. We cover Apple, HP, Asus, Acer and almost every brand of laptops that are available in the market.


What do we do?

Our laptop repair services include:

  • AC/DC jack repair which happens due to the use of bad charging cable or simply wear and tear over the time
  • Fixing and replacing the LCD Display Panel with the genuine and high-quality LCDs is also done to make sure that you have a stunning display.
  • We fix the display and backlights to ensure that your display is not having any troubles.
  • Replacement of the hardware of the laptop including the keyboard, motherboards, Graphic card, ports, DVD RW / DVD RAM and battery are also done. We provide the best quality replacement parts at the best process to ensure that the lifetime of your device is increased.
  • We offer repair of water damage as well as the repair of the faulty adapters. We solve the overheating issues of the laptops as well.
  • We offer virus removal, OS upgrade and backup, software installation and many more services for the software of the laptop. We carry out data recovery of the laptops as well.
  • We make sure that your laptop is fully furnished with the best hardware and software and every fault is repaired by our experts to the maximum satisfaction of the client.


Make sure that you bring your laptop to our shop to ensure that a thorough inspection is done by the experts and useful suggestions regarding the repair are made at the most optimum prices. Get in touch with us or leave us your quote. We will get in touch with you soon. In case if there is an emergency, make a visit to our place. We will be eager to solve your virus attack issues.

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