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Data Recovery and Backup

Data Recovery and Backup

Does your laptop or your phone hold all your memories and private data from years of adolescence to adulthood? If yes, you need to get that data backed up before you need it to be recovered.

Footprint I.T values the privacy of the data and is strictly against data abuse. Since data hacking is on a rise, we offer strong services of backup to ensure that our clients do not lose their data to any hacker. If you have lost any of your data or your entire device, you need not worry. Our experts will recover your data even if it is all lost. Our data recovery experts will ensure that matter what your device is, we recover and back up your data from further loss.

What devices do we recover data from? 

  • At Footprint I.T, our experts cover almost all digital devices to recover data from. These devices are learned in detail by our experts. We cover the devices like Hard Drives where data loss is very common. We recover hard drive data from laptops, desktops, SSDs, etc.
  • If you inserted a USB into a system and lost all of your data, probably your USB was infected or hacked. We recover the data from the Flash Memory Card, CDs, DVDs, SD Memory cards, etc.
  • We offer backup and data recovery for locked iPhones and iCloud as well as other smartphones data recovery as well
  • We cover the RAID and Tape Recovery as well as Floppy Disc recovery.
  • We offer data recovery after Malware or virus attack
  • We recover data and create backups from MYOB, QuickBooks, and Outlook.

File formats we cover

We recover data like images, audio and video files, emails, contacts, software, and notes on all devices mentioned above.

Our experts will make sure that you are given useful recommendations for preventing future data loss.

We offer services of device check-up before we recover the files. Our experts assess your device and make sure that any file which was accidentally deleted or was lost due to any other reason is recovered effectively. Get in touch with us or leave us your quote. We will get in touch with you soon. In case if there is an emergency, make a visit to our place. We will be eager to solve your data recovery and backup issues.

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