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Computer Repairs Brisbane

Computer Repairs Brisbane

Are you having trouble with your office or home computer? Is it too slow in processing? Are you unable to access your data or your system is behaving awkwardly?

If yes, Footprint I.T is all that you need to solve your hardware and software troubles of home and office computers.


Home and office computers are put through a lot of turmoil on a daily basis. It is okay for them to undergo wear and tears in their hardware and software. If you live in Brisbane or in the vicinity, we at Footprint I.T offer you a chance to get in touch with us to avail of our great home and office computer repair services. For this, visit us with your devices or send us your quote. We will get in touch with you to offer you the best repair and maintenance services.

What do we offer?

We at Footprint I.T in Brisbane offer the following repair and maintenance services for the home and office computers. If you have any of those troubles, get in touch with us:

  • Computer issues and breakdowns including rebooting and OS issues
  • Issues in the screen due to the blueing and blacking out of the screen as well as the damaged screen issues
  • Damaged and Corrupted hard drives are replaced effectively
  • Up gradation in the Software and hardware for the effective running of the system
  • Handling the Spyware, Trojan and other virus attacks by installing anti-spyware software
  • Accidental removal or deletion of files or loss of data is handled by backup and recovery
  • Handling the Hackers who are trying to stealing your files or data by installing antivirus softwares while complaining to authorities about the hackers
  • Troubleshooting the Internet/Email connection to ensure safer and effective connection and networking


Why choose us?

We at Footprint I.T make sure that we carry out all the repair in front of your eyes to ensure that you are aware of every repair made. Our experts handle all the home and office desktops in the most effective and intricate manner to make sure that you do your daily work effortlessly.

Get in touch with us or send us your quotes. We will make sure that we serve you in the best manner possible. If you live in Brisbane or nearby, drop by our shop to have a full overview of your devices.

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